Collection: Parker Jotter Global Icons Special Editions

Taking their inspiration from all four corners of the globe, each special edition pen is dedicated to a single city - with each finish telling the story of its architecture, culture and people. Distilling their story into a single pen design, the new Jotter collection will turn every day into an epic adventure.

World Famous Craftsmanship

Beautiful designs and colors, a distinctive shape and its signature click contribute to Jotters far-reaching success. The Parker marque of quality and craftsmanship is on full display, from the smooth writing experience to the Jotter’s elegant silhouette. In the Jotter ‘Global Icons’ collection you’ll discover the perfect travel companion inspiring you to see the world.

TOKYO (February 2024)

Capturing the magic of the cherry trees full bloom, Tokyo is Parker’s second global icon. Featuring the vivid skyline along with the dazzling pink cherry blossoms dousing the city’s streets. This design is expertly lasered onto the Satin Pink barrel of the Jotter Special Edition Tokyo.

New York City (2023)

The glamourous and vibrant New York City was the first global icon. Its distinct skyline of famous buildings and landmarks forms the design which is expertly lasered on to the matte black barrel of the Jotter Special Edition NYC.

Later this year, Parker will be introducing the last two of these collectables, Rome and Sidney.