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Arman Inspired Masterpiece of Modern Art

The reference to Modern Art denotes the style and concepts of a certain period. A kind of "rejection" of the past and openness to experimenting. Modern artists experimented with new visual forms and put forward their original takes on nature, materials, and the function of art They alternated more "realistic" periods (in terms of both the techniques used and of the subjects chosen) with more "symbolistic" or "expressionistic" periods, up to and including pure abstractionism. Enter Arman.

Arman was one of the greatest practitioners of Nouveau Réalisme, an artistic trend based on narrating mankind through his everyday mundane objects like shoes, wristwatches, coins, and so forth. In consideration of the multiple techniques that he used, Arman is thought of as a painter-sculptor. He defined himself perfectly as “un peintre qui fait de la sculpture”. A painter who makes sculpture.

His work was strongly influenced by Dadaism and Pop Art. Arman collections can be found in the Metropolitan Museum, the Tate Gallery, and the Centre Pompidou. His work ranges from paintings to monumental public sculptures. Perhaps most interesting were his famous accumulations of objects of everyday use and to their irreverent desecration and destruction.

“I specialize in everything and I have never been an amateur” is a phrase that captures the full breadth of Arman's art and his boundless creativity. Pineider captures this spirit in the Blue Trilogy.

The fountain pens inspired by Arman's art are an obvious homage to this man’s creativity. The 14k gold nib is of the Pineider ‘iperflex’ series. It provides additional flexibility and lays a rewarding line of ink onto the paper. To make the filling system as precise as that of a fine watch, Pineider challenged themselves and invented the Mystery Filler; a refined piston filler. Pineider has enriched the common piston filler with an enhancement that allows it to hide the blind cap in the barrel after having filled it, the Mystery Filler. The system is made from 7 very precise parts. The activation of the spring and ball bearing going up and down allows the system to work. It fills itself with little effort.

Blue Trilogy has continuous apertures giving the pen an overt sliced look. The entire interior mechanism virtually meets the writer's hand; a very "Arman" concept for a pen. Trilogy encapsulates the concept of slices and multiples by repeating the slicing motif every 120 degrees symbolizing accumulation and repetition. The clip is a skeletal feather where voids and solids play on the style of Arman, emphasizing the feather's proportions.

A Positive Closure
Pineider has patented a new pen locking system in its top-of-the-range models, combining the traditional appeal of the screw top with the immediacy and safety of magnetic closure. In Pineider’s patented system, the polarization of the magnets permits soft opening and even more satisfying closure, allowing you to open the pen gently or else to watch it roll between your fingers until you hear the closing click. 

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