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Art and Science Coexist

The design credentials of Pineider’s pen designer, Dante del Vecchio, are well established. When combined with 3D engineering and high precision manufacturing, each individual pen is assembled without using a single drop of glue. A technological puzzle! Every component precisely fits each other by simple design. Pineider refers to this new process as GlueLess Technology. 

The collection features Pineider’s new UltraResin. This material was developed in Florence by Pineider in a mother of pearl compound resin. UltraResin is very durable, much more so than traditional Celluloid, the historical material of pen industry. UltraResin is extremely rigid, nearly like metal, incredibly resistant to hits, very close to call it unbreakable, resistant to oils, inks, electricity, to high and low temperatures. The ultimate resin.

A thin film is inserted into the cap to protect the magnet from corrosion and allows a soft touch closure. A sophisticated solid steel clip is supported by an internal spring and mechanism built.  The band is finely engraved and inspired by the skyline of Florence.

The fountain pen is powered with Pineider’s own large N6 steel Futuristic Nib. It can be filled with the included converter, the Pineider Snorkel or the Pen Filler. The ballpoint, a twist-action, uses a standard Parker-Style refill or the Pineider Ink Level indicating refill. The rollerball uses a standard size refill or the Pineider Ink Level refill designed for the rollerball writer.

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