Collection: Pineider Metropolis

Grab This Italian Value!

This collection, Metropolis, reached the end of its production. We bought all the remaining stock to offer you deep savings. If you’re just beginning to explore fountain pens this is a tremendous value. If you’re an experienced user, grab one while they last! 

UltraResin Made in Florence

In a world dominated by mass production, the pen remains one of the most exclusive and personal objects. It’s very often a faithful companion for a lifetime. We are pleased to present the Pineider Metropolis, a very innovative line of pens that can be easily customized by you, making it unique.

Personalization Bonus!

The Custom Pen System, currently patented, allows customization of your pen of a monogram, your initials, the zodiac sign, the Chinese zodiac, a national flag, a dedication or a date! The system is very simple and does not need any tool. Simply remove the blind cap by unscrewing it, apply the included choice of customization and lock it by pressing the lens in the appropriate seat. The lens, in addition to fixing the customization, enlarges it for a pleasant use. One complete set of monograms initials and logos are included in the package.

The Metropolis is derived from the Avatar range. Metropolis uses some components, such as the cap the stem and the now famous UR UltraResin, very resistant to shocks. It has been modified to make the surface pearlescent in sunlight, an innovative and very beautiful effect. The clip, once again inspired by a feather, is made of marine steel and has impeccable operation.


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