Collection: Rollerball Refills for Cross

Cross Pen Lovers - Patience is a Virtue

Cross is experiencing manufacturing issues.  We hope they will be resolved shortly.  There have been major delays in delivery of all their refills -- and then magically some show up.  But the queues are long.  Please be prepared for a delay in delivery to you.  We will try to keep you advised of the status of your order, but information from Cross is very limited. 

If you have a Cross rollerball pen that fits the standard refill, you are using one of the most popular refills in the industry. Cross standard rollerball refills contain gel ink, very smooth, very bright. While this gel ink rollerball refill is a favorite, you might need the SLIM Cross rollerball refill if you have a Century Classic or Spire. Good news? It also has gel ink, very rare in rollerball refills.

If you have the original, standard size rollerball, you may also consider a fibre tip version or a refill that contains oil-based, waxy ballpoint ink. (Yes, ballpoint ink for your Cross rollerball.) We even carry a Cross Matrix rollerball refill for those of you with this unique Cross pen from the past. Just click on the rollerball window below to see all the choices.