Collection: Rollerball Refills for Porsche Design

A "Design" to Fit you Pen

The refills shown below will fit in every Porsche Design branded rollerball (meaning you remove the cap to write with the pen). The Monteverde Wide Writer which features medium and broads and fits especially well in Porsche Design rollerball pens.

The Pelikan branded refill is the perfect fit for your Porsche Design rollerball. If you are a Pelikan user these will feel just like they do in your Pelikan.  These are available in fine and medium points.

Each of these options will fit perfectly into your Porsche Design rollerball pen. Your choice is primarily one of ink colors, point sizes, brand and price.

And remember, when you buy refills from Colorado Pen, you are buying from the single largest seller of refills in North America. We have the freshest inventory outside of the factories themselves. Every refill we ship is unconditionally guaranteed to write as described or we'll replace it at your request. Never any questions asked.