Collection: Rollerballs using the Universal Standard Refill

Sometimes It's Good to be Common

The most common rollerball refill shape used in the world is the Universal Standard Rollerball refill.  Most brands use this universal shape in their two-piece pens described as a ‘rollerball’ pen. The great news is that we offer a wide variety of colors and point sizes in this refill.

Fiber Tip Opportunity!

If your rollerball pen takes this Universal refill it also takes these two ingenious fiber tips. The Schmidt Fiber Tip (two colors) and the Monteverde Spring Loaded Fineliner (two colors).

All of the pens shown on this page take the Universal Standard Rollerball Refill' and either of the fiber tips.

Please note that if you currently own any of the following brands, the Monteverde Spring-Loaded Fineliner refill and Fiber Tip refills will also fit perfectly. 

5280, Aurora, Conklin, Diplomat, Esterbrook, LeBOEUF, Faber – Castell, Marlin, Monteverde, Otto Hutt, Padrino, Pineider, Pininfarina, Porsche Design, Rotring, Schmidt, Sheaffer, Visconti, Waterford and more….