Collection: Sensa Metro Gold Trim

Golden Opportunity

Meet the new Sensa Metro Gold collection. This sleek new design incorporates art deco styling which flourished in the United States during the Roaring 20’s.

The Metro Gold Collection is available in four “Plasmuloid” acrylic barrel finishes, Piano Black and Lapis Blue Swirl, Black Cherry Burgundy, and Purple Haze.

All Sensa pens are by design carefully weight balanced and fitted with their patented Plasmium ® grip which molds to the user’s fingers creating the ‘World’s Most Comfortable Pen’. This cushioning grip is cited as extremely comfortable by users. Also featured in Metro is a refined twist action release system.

The new Sensa Metro Gold combines function with fashion creating a truly stylish writing instrument for the world’s most comfortable writing experience. The ballpoint refill selection is extensive allowing you to get the type of ink and point size to completely customize your pen.