Collection: Sensa Tie Dye

Back in Time

Some of us have fond memories of not only wearing a tie-dye but also making our own! Half the fun was in seeing the result! YIKES! Sensa, ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Pen’ pays homage to the free spirit of the Sixties with the release of the new Tie Dye 1960’s Limited Edition 

Available in two “groovy” lacquered finishes, Lava Lamp and Kaleidoscope. Each Tie Dye ballpoint features a reproduction of original Tie Dye tee shirt designs. Each has been carefully lacquered around the barrel of the pen. Silver accents have been added to create a visually stunning writing instrument.  

Each pen features Sensa’s Plasmium Grip Technology. The Sensa Tie Dye ballpoints are limited to 160 pens per model. Our common Parker-Style refill fits perfectly. Take a trip back in time to the days of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Woodstock with the new Tie Dye Limited Edition.