Collection: Sheaffer Prelude

Just the Start

Perhaps it is the first fountain pen you will try. Maybe a rollerball is the initial inspiration you need to tackle a new project. The ballpoint may be the perfect good-luck gift for a college freshman. We welcome back the Sheaffer Prelude collection in new lacquer finishes. Select a new glossy black lacquer pen, accented with popular gunmetal trim. Rose gold trim adorns the blue lacquer models. Go all the way with the new snazzy Merlot or Blue Lacquers. All finishes come in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint modes. The perfect Prelude to just about everything.

Unfortunately, we are not currently getting a good flow of products from Sheaffer. The items we show are marked “Instock” or “Currently out of stock”. If you have a need for any Sheaffer products and see them out of stock, please give our Customer Service folks a call for further information. We are being extremely conservative on deliveries for Holiday ’21. We appreciate your interest in Sheaffer products and may be able to acquire your item. 720.259.1601

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