Collection: Sherpa Pen Cover Patterns

This Sherpa Carries Six Options

Sherpa Sharpie: Millions of consumers carry a Sharpie every day. There are an endless amount of fun Sharpie uses. Upgrade your favorite Sharpie with these amazing ‘covers’. Without a doubt, they project a fun attitude. All come loaded with a black Sharpie. 

Sherpa Fountain pen:  Try the clear Demonstrator fountain pen in your Sherpa. Use it alone outside your Sherpa or insert and enjoy the full flavor of color refills offered. Fountain pen writing in your multi-use Sherpa.

Sherpa Rollerball:  Turn your Sherpa into a rollerball and enjoy a liquid ink experience. We offer four colors of ink in two points sizes.

Sherpa Ballpoint:  The Sherpa Ballpoint Adapter allows you to use 'Parker-Style' ballpoint refills in your Sherpa Pen Cover. Ballpoint Adapter includes one black refill and the adapter itself. Order or convert your Sherpa into a convenient ballpoint writer.

Sherpa Fiber Tip:  This insert features a double-broad 2mm tip. It comes in four colors (black. blue, red and green).  The fiber-tip insert is great for anyone looking for a very bold line but with minimal bleed through.  These are very popular within the artist community.

Sherpa JetBall:  Insert any international sized ink cartridge into this rolling ball tip. Use liquid ink conveniently. We have about 30 colors of cartridges which will fit perfectly. Arrives with an ink converter so you can use any bottled ink as well.