Collection: Stipula

Slow Tempo

"Adagio". In music, a slow and relaxed time that reconciles with reflection and calmness. We could use some slow, contemplative time, no? This quality made in Italy fountain pen fills with a fixed piston operated by its rotating knob. It feels firm and solid in the hands of its user, with the eight facets of the body and cap recombined into its traditional threaded closure. 

Adagio’s resin is rich in opalescence and nuances of translucence. It has a very discreet luminescent appearance in the dark . Chrome trim completes the finish. Adagio is currently available in three colors: Amber, Green and Blue.

The high performance steel nib is available in fine, medium and stub 1.1mm all with an iridium tip. As mentioned above, Adagio fills with a central piston by twisting the top knob. Easy to fill and economical when utilizing bottled inks.