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Double Your Power!

Visconti is delighted to announce the addition of two exciting new colors to the Homo Sapiens ‘Demo Stone’ collection - Amethyst and Mandarin Garnet. These vibrant transparent resins were selected and paired with Visconti’s iconic Homo Sapiens design.

Visconti's ability to make beautiful demonstrator pens is respected worldwide. Crafting the Demo Stones from transparent resin was not purely an aesthetic choice but also a way to reveal the beating heart of the Visconti demonstrator pen, the double reservoir power filling system.  

Each Demo Stone is designed and handcrafted in Visconti's Florentine workshop. It’s enhanced by a semi-precious stone on the top of the pen cap to emulate the two inspirational gem colors of the pen bodies. The barrel and cap are made from turned acrylic resin and carefully hand-polished with special felt tools, both inside and out, to guarantee a ‘demonstration’ of ink flow before your very eyes. 

The fountain pen features Visconti's patented Double Reservoir Power Filler, a unique filling system that allows for greater ink capacity as well as safe usage during air flights. The pen cap closes with Visconti’s popular ‘Hook Safe Lock’ system. Reassuring.

The fountain pen is further enhanced with Visconti's large, in-house crafted 14k gold nib. An extraordinary nib that is becoming known for its exceptional fluidity. Choose from extra-fine, fine, medium or broad nibs.

The rollerball uses a standard refill. It also features the same comfortable cap closure which nicely seals the writing tip. We have a large selection of potential refills available.

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