Collection: Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color

Ultramarine Blue Makes its Debut

The Homo Sapiens Lava Color collection is Visconti's latest addition to the iconic Homo Sapiens series. It reinterprets their flagship black lava edition with color, and a new in-house 14kt gold nib. Availability of this bestselling Homo Sapiens addition will be as usual, tight. 

Like its predecessors, the Lava Color is made from Visconti's well-known and much treasured, lava rock; making the pen virtually unbreakable and very comfortable to write with. The Lava Color collection is the perfect union of catalyzed Mount Etna basaltic lava and colored resin using Visconti's patented methods. This natural combination creates a rugged stone-like feel and texture with rustic natural colors. The collection is offered in four matte finishes: The just introduced Blue Ultramarine joins Blizzard (white), Inferno (red) and Sandstorm (tan), each pen is accented by black ruthenium trim. The volcanic material features an anti-stain treatment that protects the pen and prevents ink from depositing on the pen during refilling.

Each finish is available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint. The rollerball and fountain pen feature an exclusive magnetic closing system which makes opening and closing the pen effortless. The ballpoint operates with a twist. Identical to previous Homo Sapiens models, the fountain pen fills with Visconti's patented power filling system but new to the lava color is the introduction of Visconti's in-house 14kt gold nib. 

A First for Visconti; a 14kt Gold Nib

The Lava Color collection introduces a new in-house, 14kt gold oversized nib. The new nib has been engraved with a more contemporary design, but in keeping with tradition, it retains a crescent moon shaped breather hole, a distinctive feature of Visconti's precious nibs. Each nib is hand polished and entirely made in-house: 

 The nib, feed and housing; consequently, the entire pen is produced in Florence. Each nib is plated in black ruthenium to match the color of the pens trim. Available in extra fine, fine, medium and a broad width.

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