Collection: Visconti Homo Sapiens Magma

Homo Sapiens Erupts Again

In 2010, Visconti shook the fountain pen industry with a breakthrough both in design and use of materials when the original Homo Sapiens Bronze Age was launched. Carved from pure basaltic lava and enriched with resin materials, the pen encompassed the strength of ancient powers, juxtaposing its volcanic nature to a soft and smooth writing experience thanks to its 18kt gold nib. This award-winning writing instrument was followed by the Homo Sapiens Dark Age designed with black ruthenium trims.

Today, the Homo Sapiens collection is still one of Visconti's signature writing instruments. Virtually unbreakable and naturally hygroscopic, the Homo Sapiens arrives in the "Magma" edition featuring red trims symbolizing the eruption of molten lava through volcanic passageways. The glossy metal red trims give a fiery contrast against the matte black lava of the pen's body.

The Homo Sapiens body features lava which has some incredible qualities making it the perfect material for writing instruments. It’s virtually unbreakable, it’s slightly hygroscopic (meaning it absorbs moisture during use and has a slightly cool feel) and its density provides for a relaxing grip.

The Homo Sapiens Magma collection is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen. The fountain fills using the Visconti patented power filler vacuum system and is enhanced with Visconti's large black plated 18kt gold nib. It’s available in extra fine, fine, medium and broad. This fountain pen does not accept cartridges. The power filling system draws ink into its own internal reservoir from your bottle.

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