Collection: Visconti Mythos

Powerful Pens

Visconti is pleased to present a brand new collection with a "divine" look: Apollo, Zeus and Aphrodite are the protagonists of the Visconti 'Mirage Mythos' Collection. 

Greek mythology teaches that the Olympian gods are immortal beings, governing the life and death of human beings. The three personalities Visconti selected represent three different supernatural forces that inspired the new Mythos Collection.

Apollo, shown with in Brown with Bronze Shading is the god of the arts, music, poetry and science. He is the son of Zeus and the symbols that identify him are, among others, the Sun, the lyre, the bow and arrow.

Aphrodite, shown in Purple with Bronze Shading is the goddess of love and beauty. Daughter of Zeus, her most recognizable symbols are the dove and the sparrow.

Zeus, shown in Blue with Bronze Shading is King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus, god of the sky, lightning and atmospheric phenomena. The thunderbolt is his symbol for excellence.

Notice the new center ring engraved with the inscription, MYTHOS and a V to represent a stylized Mount Olympus. Most convenient is the strong magnetic closure on the two-piece bodies. The acrylic resins chosen for this series are unlike any other previously from Visconti. Each has a bronze shading. The trims on Mythos feature yellow gold vermeil over solid brass. It’s finished in an understated satin finish.

The Mirage Mythos should be in every collection, especially if you are a Visconti devotee’. It also would delight any writer if received as a gift.