Collection: Visconti van Gogh Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman

Masterful Performance from Visconti

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most important painters in art history. Inspired by the famous artist, Visconti re-imagined his colors, textures and emotions to create their world famous Van Gogh collection. The collection is a tribute to the impressionist art movement and is now a Visconti icon around the world.

The subtle 18 faceted sides enhance the unique design in each vivid color. All trim pieces are made from solid brass and then the name of the artist and painting is delicately engraved on the center ring. All van Gogh ballpoints utilize a Parker-style refill which deploys with a simple twist. An amazing bonus is the dynamic gift box featuring a reproduction of the original artwork.

Please note! No two Visconti van Gogh pens are alike. Each is made from a custom resin with unique flows of color. Every piece has a totally different display of the wonderful colors of this Master.