Collection: Visconti Van Gogh Sunflowers


Van Gogh painted with only three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’. In doing so, he demonstrated that it was possible to create an image with numerous variations of a single color without any loss of eloquence. 

The Visconti ‘Sunflowers’ collection is made from natural resin, brought to life by vibrant yellow hues expressing a special significance for van Gogh: ‘gratitude’. The meticulous selection of resins and their color mix is one of the major innovations introduced by Visconti and makes each and every Visconti van Gogh pen unique. The colors are further enhanced by the unique 18 faceted design of the van Gogh Collection.

Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' 

Just like other painters working at the time, van Gogh created floral themed still-life paintings, but he did things a little differently, he experimented with color. After practicing with different flowers, he chose a specific variety: the sunflower. Thinking that these flowers were somewhat coarse and unrefined, Van Gogh gave sunflowers the lead role in several paintings.

Van Gogh knew that his sunflower paintings were special, as did other people. After he died, friends brought sunflowers with them to his funeral. Sunflowers became synonymous with van Gogh, just as he had hoped.


Bookmark and Packaging

A reproduction of the painting is printed on top of the box and a special edition bookmark is included with each pen.