Collection: Yookers Eros

Firsts Are Rare

In the last year, since the introduction of the YOOKERS brand, we have sold thousands of these advanced high-tech Fiber Tip writing pens. Not just a fun new way to write but a liquid ink experience using cartridges and bottles in any color you desire.

Here is a typical customer comment from our website reviews:
"This is my second Yooker Metis, and that should demonstrate my happiness with these pens. I write everyday, rotating my pens, and I'm always pleased when it is the Yooker turn in the rotation. The writing is very smooth, very much like the fountain pens that I've had for years. For the price, I'm also pleased with the level of quality these pens possess. I also have a number of roller ball pens, but the Yooker is much nicer to use. I also have a felt tip Cross, that is nowhere near as smooth. A quality, smooth-writing pen at a very fair price."

We are introducing the new YOOKERS Eros Lacquer collection exclusively in North America. Be among the first in the world to experience the YOOKERS Eros.