Collection: YSTUDIO Glamour Evolve Rollerball

Hex Times Two

Based on the classic hexagon design of YSTUDIO, this scalene double hexagon results in 12 beautiful ridge lines. The design is presented in ‘Marsala’, ‘Blue Gin’ and ‘Absinthe’ with contrasting brass and aluminum trim These contrasting colors combine to add an element of flair. Considering the fun you can have writing with a liquid ink rollerball refill this is almost overwhelming!

The pen’s cap and body are made of aluminum, which are rugged as well as convenient – the perfect design and construction for carrying around. The pen’s clip is classic YSTUDIO created from brass and defined by a delicate architectural concept. This design eliminates every tiny angle and surface. 

A new design concept from YSTUDIO, Glamour Evolve, is a truly unique pen series providing an enjoyable and timeless experience. Rollerball writing doesn’t get much better than that.