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Monteverde Limited Edition Ballpoint Mondrian 921

Monteverde Limited Edition Ballpoint Mondrian 921


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You Should Be ‘Impressed’

Piet Mondrian took interest in impressionist techniques, and, like his fellow countryman, Vincent van Gogh, he used pure, glowing colors. Later on, he transitioned toward a pointillist cubist styles, as well as other abstract compositional structures. A limited production of 921 pens aligns with Mondrian's philosophy of asymmetrical equilibrium, offering a contemplative balance.

In honor of his legacy, Monteverde introduces the Regatta Mondrian Limited Edition 921: A writing instrument that elegantly displays the artistic legacy of Mondrian. With meticulous intention, this pen's design pays homage to the rhythm and hues that defined Mondrian's iconic abstract paintings. The Regatta Mondrian Limited Edition 921 ballpoint embraces the colors of white, black, gray, and the primary hues.

The moderately heavy twist-action ballpoint pen accepts our huge selection of ballpoint colors and technologies.

  • Overall Size - 5 7/16 in. x 9/16 in. (138mm x 15mm)
  • Body - 4 11/16 in. x 19/16 in. (120mm x 15mm)
  • Cap - 2 3/8 in. x 9/16 in. (58mm x 15mm)
  • Weight - 55 g
  • Composition - Brass
  • Appointments - Gunmetal
  • Engraving - This pen does not have a space for engraving or the material simply does not allow us to engrave.
  • This pen is delivered with a black medium point refill.
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