Collection: LeBoeuf Limited Edition Icon Lincoln

Honest Abe

LeBoeuf celebrates the life of one of America’s greatest statesmen, President, Abraham Lincoln, with the release of this stunning Limited Edition fountain pen and rollerball. This collection is limited to 125 of each mode worldwide.

The LeBoeuf Abraham Lincoln Limited Edition is made from an exclusive Hickory Brown/Bluegrass Blue marbleized acrylic. This material was purposefully selected to represent Abraham Lincoln’s early Kentucky roots beginning with his childhood log cabin home. Each pen has been carefully turned and highly polished to a vibrant luster. Abraham Lincoln’s famous signature is engraved in a gold tone on to each barrel.  A gold coin with a bust of Lincoln is fitted on to the top of each cap. Gold plated accents accentuate the elegance of this very special writing instrument.

The fountain pen features a German gold plated nib featuring the LeBoeuf logo in either fine or medium points. It utilizes a cartridge/Convertor filling system.  The rollerball uses a standard international refill. Both the Fountain Pen and Roller Ball are limited to 125 Pcs Worldwide.