Collection: LeBOEUF Pilgrim

1930’s Classic Revival

The LeBOEUF Fountain Pen Company introduces two new celluloid inspired finishes in its flagship model, the Pilgrim collection. Originally released in the 1930’s, the Pilgrim is a vintage inspired reproduction of this LeBOEUF timeless classic.

Strict attention has been paid to the subtle details that made the original Pilgrims so admired and valued by generations of pen enthusiasts. Notice the gold-plated trims and traditional 1930’s shape. The resin mimics the ‘crushed’ colloids from the past. Tasteful. Available in two new celluloid inspired pearl finishes, Desert Yellow and Cobalt Navy.

The fountain pen is fitted with a German gold-plated nib engraved with the LeBOEUF logo. Available in either fine or medium point sizes utilizing a cartridge/convertor filling system. The LeBOEUF Pilgrim is also available as a rollerball which uses an international style rollerball refill.

The LeBOEUF Pilgrim Collection, a vintage inspired collection that pays homage to the heritage of the LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company and its most iconic pen, the Pilgrim.