Collection: Monteverde

Value, Style, Performance and Innovation

In 1999, Yair Greenberg, located in Los Angeles, introduced the first Monteverde USA pen named Innova. How prescient was that? In the succeeding 25 years, Monteverde USA has gone on to innovate and bring concepts into production and the hands of pen lovers around the world. No other brand can match this level of inventiveness and yes, innovation.

A short list of these innovations is quite impressive. The first carbon fiber pen for $65 when the market was at $800. Exotic materials like Abalone at mass market prices. The magnetic closure concept on Regatta. InkBall, a ballpoint tip using an ink cartridge. Liquid ink introduced into a ballpoint refill known as the Soft-Roll. Color changing fountain pen inks. The painting of intricate scenes inside a pen. A pda stylus tipped pen. The Invincia had a built in USB. The list goes on.

Each Monteverde USA pen is crafted with its user in mind. The finest European resins, celluloid, and carbon fibers matched with state-of-the-art ink technologies offer an experience that truly sets Monteverde USA apart.