Collection: Pineider Avatar Twin Tank Traveller

Twin Tank Traveling Concept

Pineider is pleased to present Avatar Traveler Twin Tank Touchdown. In addition to the typical Traveler’s collection features like material resistance, magnetic closure, clips with refined mechanics, the Twin Tanks offers a refined and avant-garde filling system. The concept is brilliant. The see through ‘tank’ is reassuring.

Avatar Traveler TTT uses a filling system named, Twin Tank Touchdown. The pen has two ‘twin tanks’, a large one that serves as a reserve and a small one that is always connected to the nib and ready to flow.

The bayonet closure system, an integral part of the filling mechanism, is, at the same time, simple, ingenious and efficient. It allows you to open and close the ink passage quickly and intuitively.

After loading the pen from your bottle, both tanks will be filled but only the contents of the first tank will be used, the smaller one is always ready. The addition of the see through resin completes what is a great writing and entertaining instrument. Available in extra fine, fine and medium nibs.