Collection: Sensa

The World’s Most Comfortable Pen IS BACK!

Sensa Pens were originally introduced in 1995 and then vanished about ten years later.  We sold more Sensa pens during those ten years than any other single pen: period. That’s what a huge seller Sensa used to be. The patented grip section was a vastly treasured component and loved by thousands of consumers. The ergonomic Patented Plasmium ™ fluid gel grip was unique and obviously stress-relieving within minutes.

What happened? The Sensa brand simply disappeared through a few ownership changes. Consumers were distraught. 

Time to Rejoice!

The new owners of Sensa have revived the brand, developed 2020 materials for the patented grip section and updated colors. Each Sensa pen is made from solid brass and lacquer coated in a choice of colors. Winner of numerous design awards and featured in design museums the world over, Sensa pens takes writing to a new level of comfort.