Collection: Visconti Homo Sapiens

Hardly Prehistoric

Simply put, Visconti conceived the Homo Sapiens for real, hardcore writers. In their words, "for those to whom the fountain pen continues to represent a traveling mate, a daily friend to share with the same civilization that writing contributed to create". These inspired artisans from Florence continue to stir the human spirit. 

All Homo Sapiens fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints use “lava,” produced from a patented process. It is comprised of equal parts basaltic lava and a special secret resin. The result is a material that is virtually unbreakable, essentially flameproof, slightly absorbent of perspiration (hygroscopic) and so dense it is relaxing for the hand to grip. The appointments such as the central rings and clip are crafted from bronze. 

As over the top as the design and materials sound, the fountain pen’s most valued feature is the 18k gold nib. A nib that requires no pressure whatsoever in order to write. It literally traces in a gentle fashion the thoughts and words for extemporaneous handwriting. The Bronze Age fountain pen's charging system is a high vacuum 'push-pull' piston filler and is pure titanium for total corrosion resistance.