Collection: Visconti van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night

Another Masterpiece

Visconti's latest launch draw's inspiration from one of van Gogh's most treasured and iconic paintings, the Café Terrace at Night. The painting depicts the terrace of the café on the Place du Forum in Arles, France and is the first painting in which van Gogh used starry backgrounds; he went on to paint star-filled skies in ‘Starry Night Over the Rhône’ and the ‘The Starry Night’ a year later.

The meticulous selection of resins and their color mix is one of the major innovations introduced by Visconti and makes each and every Visconti van Gogh pen unique. The Visconti ‘Café Terrace at Night’ collection is made from natural resin, brought to life by blue, orange, yellow and green hues to recreate van Gogh’s technique, emotion and mood portrayed in this remarkable painting. 

van Gogh's 'Café Terrace at Night' 

The Café Terrace at Night was painted by the Dutch artist in 1888. The painting is characterized by relaxed, almost dreamy strokes reflecting the serenity of the night sky in the French South. Once again, the artist relies on colors to convey his feelings and in this case, he chooses the contrast between strokes of yellow, orange, blue and green paint.

Although painted at night, van Gogh does not use black in the sky, instead shades of blue are contrasted with van Gogh’s unique star motifs. The Cafe’ is illuminated with sulfur pale yellow and citron green. van Gogh painted the view looking south towards the lit terrace of the famous coffee house.

A reproduction of the painting is printed on top of the box and a special edition bookmark is included with each pen.