Collection: YSTUDIO Classic Fountain Pen

What’s In a Name?

As a representative work of the brand’s 10-year milestone, “Classic Fountain Pen” represents the 10 years of collective experience of YSTUDIO. After designing a variety of unique writing instruments, YSTUDIO has returned to the essence of design to create a truly “pure” fine fountain pen.

The “Classic Fountain Pen” is the first fountain pen with YSTUDIO’s own nib. The nib is embossed with the first logo of the brand used in the early days of its establishment. The the body of the pen adopts the brand’s new logo for the 10th anniversary, symbolizing the link between the past and the future.

The “Classic Fountain Pen Series” is covered with a matte lacquer finish. Each of the six corners of the pen are finely polished to draw attention to its shining gold brass lines.

Cut from solid brass, the pen’s hexagonal body follows the brand’s most popular design, pure and simple, with a thicker pen body and just the right balance of weight.

Special Attributes - Brass Edition

The color of brass would be changed by different users and various environments yet this is also its unique feature. The oxide is harmless. It would restore its original luster by wiping with Brass Polish. Without any surface treatment, we hope each product can maintain its individual marks by the constant use of the owner.

Blue, Black, Green & Red - The ‘Brassing Effect’

The pen’s paint will gradually wear off during daily use, revealing the brass underneath which YSTUDIO calls the “brassing effect”. You can create your own personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with sandpaper. YSTUDIO has enclosed some in the product’s package.

The fountain pens are filled with a standard international cartridge. A convertor is included for bottle filling. As mentioned, this steel nib is made in-house by YSTUDIO. They refer to it as a #6 nib. It’s available in fine and medium.