Collection: LeBoeuf Limited Edition Icon Series

Worthy Tribute to Ben Franklin

LeBOEUF proudly honors one of America’s most iconic Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. This Limited Edition Collection release is designed to commemorate his vast accomplishments which helped establish our great nation. 

No Mystery Here

LeBOEUF pays tribute to the 19th century literary giant, Edgar Allan Poe, with the release of a stunning Fountain Pen and Roller Ball Collection.

A Real Treasure

The LeBoeuf Icon Series Alexander Hamilton Limited Edition was produced with a specially chosen deep purple acrylic barrel representing the unique violet eyes which Hamilton was purported to have had.

JFK a Remembrance

The LeBoeuf Pen Company is proud to honor our 35th President, John F. Kennedy with this stunning limited edition fountain pen and rollerball. 

Down to the Roots

Hickory brown and Bluegrass Blue was purposefully selected to represent Abraham Lincoln’s early Kentucky roots beginning with his childhood log cabin home.

Blue Sky Wonder

The Jules Verne “Around the World in 80 Day’s” Limited Edition recognizes the 150th anniversary of the publication of Verne’s iconic novel. 

The Buck Stops Here

The LeBoeuf Harry S. Truman Limited Edition celebrates the life of one of our greatest presidents whose leadership and steady hand led the United States out of WW11 and into a new decade of peace and prosperity. 

General, President and Icon

The LeBoeuf George Washington Limited Edition celebrates the life of the first U.S. President.  Military Blue/Buff Gold Acrylic barrel was specially chosen to match the Continental army uniform worn by Washington during the War for Independence. 

Orator Supreme

The LeBoeuf Winston Churchill Limited Edition is a stunning tribute to one of the 20th Century’s most iconic figures whose determination and strong leadership helped to lead Great Britain and the allies to victory. 

Call Me Ishmael

The LeBoeuf Herman Melville “Moby Dick” Limited Edition is an ocean treasure in homage to one of America’s greatest authors and his most significant contribution to American literature. 

Fearless Leadership

The LeBoeuf Franklin D. Roosevelt Limited Edition celebrates the life of one the world’s most Iconic figures whose confidence and courage guided the nation through some of its darkest moments.